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What is a Social Seed Network Affiliate Business Listing Profile?

We Offer a Totally FREE Do-it-Yourself Social SEO strategy...

Build your Business Profile Bundle with Listing, Content and Web Video Review... to Boost your Social and Mobile Business Presence . For Custom SEO, Internet Video Ads, Screencasts, Reviews, etc... send your request to:

We provide Easy but Powerful Search Engine Exposure for your Business, Church or Ministry using Social Media and Social Networking Tools, Resources, Tutorials and Training to help you build a Complete Advertising Campaign or Affiliate Sales Funnel...

Plant Affiliate Seeds of Faith and Profit directly into the Content you use to build and promote your business on this FREE Network! This helps you Build Multiple Paths to Extra Affiliate Income... as a by-product of your Business or Ministry! !

(You will find Honest and Legitimate Affiliate Products and Opportunities on many pages of this Network... Some of them Pay Instantly and Directly to your Paypal Account)!

Can Potential Customers Find Your Local, Small or Home Business on the Web? (and while they are Mobile... with their Smart Phones). People aren't using the Yellow Pages anymore... they are Searching the Web on Smart Devices... Android, iPhone, iPad, and other hand-held Tablets and devices!

Search Engine Visibilty for your Business is our Goal! You Can't Make Sales if You're Not Getting Traffic (visitors and new potential customers directed to your biz by Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, and other Search Engines) - No matter what your Business Product or Service is, your Goal is to Get More Customers! Our Social Seed Business Network helps you accomplish that goal... Quickly and Effectively, with minimal hassles. Just follow the Listing Tip instructions to setup your Profile listing and add the Blog app to your profile... Write or Add some Unique and Useful Content and Socially Bookmark or Link to your Profile Listing and Blog Posts (you can even personally invite potential customers and build relationships of Trust (that's what Social Network Marketing and Advertising is all about))... Your Business Will begin to show in Search Results for your chosen keyword phrase within a few days (compared to months and months with other services). You don't need new customers Next Year... You Need Them TODAY...

Claim your FREE Business or Ministry Listing on our Social Seed Network and help your customers Find You Online. Our Social Platform provides a variety of FREE Advertising Strategies and gives you the Edge over your competition.

Don't Have a Website? No Problem! You don't have to have a website to get New Customers... Expand your Business to the Internet with a Social Seed Network Business Listing and Social Profile... Help Customers Find You on the Web. Get your Entire Social Networking and Marketing Package for FREE!

Before you Get Started... Be sure to read our

Profile Listing Set up Tips


One moment Please, before we continue... Does your Business or Ministry Need God's Secret Bible Formula for Success, Wealth and Abundance?

Did You Know That God Wants You to be Wealthy?


Is it Really a Bad Time to Start a Business?

Every Red-Blooded American Dreams of Building their Own Business. And it's Not all about the Money... it's about:

  • Freedom to Work Less Hours for More Money
  • Freedom to Spend More Time with Family and Friends
  • Freedom to Work When and Where You Want To
  • Freedom to Build a Team that Wants to Help You Make More Money
  • Freedom to Build One Web Site... That Keeps Makin You Money
  • Even When You are Asleep

We Americans Cherish Our Freedom above all else... and I also believe in the Fact that within each American Citizen, Lies the Heart of an Entrepreneur! But How Dare we Dream of Financial Freedom and Success when the Entire World is undergoing Economic Chaos? The Dream of Financial Freedom is Not for the Faint of Heart... You MUST have Faith (the Substance of things Hoped for and the Evidence of things Not Seen... You must believe that:

  • Nothing is Impossible for God
  • God Blesses those who Help the Helpless
  • When we Delight ourselves in God's Word; He Gives us the Desires of Our Heart
  • "God is a Rewarder of those who Diligently Seek Him"
  • ... and that One Person can make a Huge Difference (with the Stength that Christ Gives Us)

Most of us dream of owning Our Own Business, that Helps other people Experience Freedom and Success. The problem with such a dream is that the world has us convinced that it's Impossible... They tell us that Unless we have Plenty of Start-up Capitol... Starting a New Business in the current Economy is an exercise in Futility, and the Equivalent of Finacial Suicide! But they Do Not Know Our Heavenly Father. They Do Not Know what we Know and they Have Not Seen the Miracles We have Winessed. They Do Not Consider the Fact that God has Promised Wealth and Abundance to His Faithful Children.

The Ecomomic Crunch just keeps Eating Away Our Income and Everybody I Know is Feeling the Pain... but what can we do? You can Build Your Own Internet Business... and since Everybody who wants to make money Online Needs a Website... Here is a Good (and cheap) Way to Build and Keep your Customers Online.

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What is the Affiliate-Bivocation Social Seed Network?

“Planting Social Seeds of Faith and Profit”

Each Hyper-Link that you place on the Web that leads people to your Business, Product(s), Service or Ministry, is like a tiny Seed of Faith… it lies there Dormant (as if dead), until someone Clicks it… once Clicked, it can Begin to Grow and with proper Care... it eventually Yields the Fruit of Success!

“A wise gardener plants many Seeds… and waits patiently for a Bountiful Harvest”.

Are you having a Hard Time getting Traffic or Visitors to your Site(s)?

Do You NEED More Sales?

Does it seem that No matter How Hard you Try… Nobody is “Clicking” your Links?

It’s Time to Plant some Social Seeds!


I have been in the Affiliate and Internet Marketing Business for many years now. Marketing and Advertising on the Web used to be so Simple… and Traffic to your websites would come in droves… as long as you Offered them Unique and Useful Content that Google (or other Search Engines) would List and Link to your Business. Believe it or not… there was a time when you could build a Niche Website, and Easily Expect to Start making a Profit.

Things have certainly changed:

In past times, information (or Content) was shared through websites as they were listed by the Search Engines (mainly Google), in the order of their Relevance to the Keyword that was being searched for by a potential customer. It was much easier to start and operate an Internet Business.

 Over the past couple of years, Social Media and Social Networking have Totally changed the landscape of the Inter-Verse. Facebook alone, has Billions of users who are not nearly as Dependant on Google to Find Stuff (and Google hasn’t been too happy about it). When you also consider the billions of people on Twitter, MySpace and other Social Networks… you begin to get a glimpse of Where All Your Customers have gone. If it seems that your customers have suddenly disappeared… you know you can find them on one or more of the Social Networks, and that’s why Smart Business are now using Creative Social Network Strategies to get their Brand and Products in front of the eyes of people on Social Networks.

Small Internet Business and Non-Profit Ministries Need a New Strategy.

In order to remain competitive with Big-Business, we need to Learn what they already know… How to Drive Traffic to your Business Profile, Site, Blog, etc… so that people will Click On Your Links. I have designed our Network to take advantage of Marketing and  Advertising Small Business to Social Networks in such a fashion that you can be Certain that Somebody (Anybody) Will Click on the Links to your Business, Ministry, Product or Service.

·         A Social Network for Christian Small Business and Non-Profit Ministries to Market and Advertise.

·         Build Social Sales and Squeeze pages for your Sales Funnel.

·         Niche Blogging to get New Leads, Subscribers and potential Customers.

·         Post Videos with Unique and Useful Info for your Niche Market.

·         Tweet and Share Links (social seeds) from your home page.

·         Get plenty of Backlinks… Google uses these to rank your Site or Blog.

·         A place for Small Biz owners to Refer each-other, Share Resources, Tips, Tricks and Social Network Advertising Strategies.

·         A Social Business Profile that you can Promote, or personally invite potential Niche customers to visit and become trusted friends.

·         Use the Free Advertising Forum to Place as Many Ads, Banners, etc… as you want.

·         Start a Group for your Niche Market.


Why do I Need a Social Business Profile?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for new Internet businesses to get highly targeted niche visitors to their Blog or Website. The competition for first page organic search engine results is overwhelming. My Social Seed Network was built for any Online Small Business, Non-Profit or Ministry to be able to receive Highly Targeted Niche Traffic to View your Content and Links. The Content on your Social Seed Network Business Profile gets Quickly Listed on the most widely used Search Engines… however, that does not guarantee that you will get plenty of Traffic, Leads and Sales. The Real Power of a Social Business Profile is that you can Easily Share your “Social Seeds” (links to your Product, Service, Blog, Website, etc…) and personally Build a Targeted Social Marketing List by Personally Inviting your new friends to Join the Social Seed Network with you… where they will View your Niche Content and Links and automatically give you permission to contact them by Email… which can kick-start your Email Marketing Campaigns. Our Social Profile pages are also flexible enough to be used as a Sales page, Squeeze page, Content page… that is Easily Shared or Book-marked to other Social Services.

“You supply the Seed… God provides the Harvest”.

Affiliate-Bivocation - Social Seed Network
Every Link-Seed that you place into "Good Ground" like Social Network Posts, Tweets and Book-Marks is like a Seed Lying Dormant... Once Clicked It Springs to Life... then it can Begin to Grow and, in due Season... produces a Harvest and "Brings Forth Fruit"... some "thirtyfold", some "sixtyfold", some "hundredfold"


Just For Fun: Download these Old Advertisements that you are Not Likely to Ever See Again. Don't Worry it's FREE (No strings attached)


Honest and Simple Strategies for you to Start, Build or Expand an Internet Home Business

...At the end of the day... It's all about "Making a Difference" in the lives of the people God places in our path...



Your Free Gift, Just for Visiting Affiliate-Bivocation

  • Are you getting Frustrated and Depressed with your Business?
  • Do you Wonder Why you just Can't seem to Push Through the Edge of Success?
  • Are you working like a Dog, but still just can't seem to Tap into God's Wealth & Abundance?

This Free Ebook download will Open Your Eyes to a World of Wealth and Abundance and Reveal One Simple Reason Why you're still struggling to get by. Learn How implementing one Godly Principle could Double or Triple your Sales and How you can Tap into the Real Blessings that God seems to be holding back from you. It's time to push through the Edge of Success with God's Help and Promises.

Download your Copy of this Short but Essential Online Business Strategy.

Download---  "Pushing Through the Boundaries of Success"



Be sure to Check out the Forum and Blog for Biz Ops and Affiliate Ops. You must be a FREE Silver Member to access some of the pages on this website... You must Subscribe or Upgrade to Access the 'Gold Member Area' and Gain Immediate Access to the 'FREE Instant Online Biz Op' and the 'Gold Member Affiliate' Program

*Recently added Free Advertising Forum for Affiliate-Bivocation Members

*Recently added a New Messaging and Social Sharing Tool (Footer Bar) to Share your Content, Blog Posts, Pictures, Videos, etc... with your Affiliate-Bivocation Friends or any Social Site or Service... such as Digg, FriendFind, Delicious, Facebook, MySpace and Dozens More... Propeller and Digg are Terrific ways to get your Content or Keywords on the First Page of Search Engine (Google) search Results



This service Claims to Give You 1 Million FREE Visitors to your Site (worth a try)


If you Don't have your own Autoresponder setup to capture names & email addresses, you're missing hundreds of dollars each month... Here is a Great Service that offers RSS for your Blog or Site Content & comes Complete with an Affiliate Program to Earn Extra Cash ---Click Here---


The 'Five Buck Twitter Trick' is back online with a better sales page --- Click Here ---


Did you know that 8 nof 10 Sales are made to Email Lists?

People will typically Need to See your Offer 5 to 7 times before they decide to Buy...

This makes Email List Building your Number One Strategy for Affiliate Marketing or Internet Business.

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...to learn more...


More FREE Affiliate Programs
Here are Free Programs to Join & promote - Free Classifieds that Work You can run Unlimited Ads Forever with a Premium account (for less than $10)- You can also Earn money with their Affiliate Program ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would you like to promote a Christian Singles and "matchmaking" Service?
Christian Singles ------ Click on this Link and find the Text Link that says "Earn Money" and Register ------------------------------------------ You Should add Statistics to All of your Sites and Blogs... so you know who your visitors are, and where they come from in order to adjust your Content and Keywords...
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Traditional Advertising Costs have Skyrocketed over the past few years!

As the Economy shows no signs of Recovery any time soon. I have provided this Site as a way for people to get FREE Advertising and hopefully help you 'Hang in There" until things get better... However, it does cost me to keep Bivocation.org Running.

If you appreciate the FREE Social Advertising and Tips you get here at Bivocation.org ... Please consider a Donation to keep this site operational.



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Updates and Quick Links at the Social Seed Network

Here's another All Digital Home Business that Pays you Direct to Paypal...

Are you Starting or Expanding Your Business to the Internet? You'll probably want a Web Site (most people do)... and You Might as Well Get One That Pays You Back! - Here's an Honest Home Website and Business with all the Trimmings... (click Banner below) - HELP WANTED, NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED - COMPLETE HOME BIZ SYSTEM W/UNIQUE WEBMASTER WEBSITE!


If you are Building an Internet Business or Working from Home as an Affiliate Marketer, you NEED to Get Setup Right... the First Time Around. The Most Important thing you will ever do to make money Online is to Build an Email Marketing List, so you can put your Sales on Autopilot.

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You can Join our Affiliate Social Seed Business Network as a Free Silver Member and immediately access the Articles, Tips, Tricks and Video Tutorials, etc... But as a Paid Gold Subscriber, You'll get Instructions on setting up your Social Profile for Affiliate Marketing and Srep-by-Step Instructions for the Social Seed Profit Plan...

I established our 'Gold Member' Program for you to use to Earn 100% Profit on a Seed Product that Every Affiliate Marketer Absolutely Needs... List Building Secrets...

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We are not the Only Social Network that Pays it's members, but we are the Only Social Network where you can Earn Cash, while you Build a Long-Term Internet Business from the Ground Up... NO SILLY POINTS SYSTEM!... NO CRAZY PAGE VIEW PROGRAM!... NO MINIMUM REFERRAL REQUIREMENTS! Make Friends, Make Money... It's That Simple...

In spite of President Obama's promises... and positive "Expert" Economic forecasts, everyone I know Still Needs Extra Cash (and people are hurting)! Therefore, I am offering Gold Member subscriptions for $5/mo until I finish the Video Tutorials for Pastor Charlie's Social Seed Profit Plan...

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and follow the 9 Steps to a "Money Making" Profile

With 'Gold Member' Subscription I'll give you an Instant Product that you can sell on your profile or Blog for 100% Profit


Membership has it's Privilidge - (You must be a 'Gold Member' to Access The "Gold Member Area" and certain other pages on our Social Network)


A 'Gold Member'  Profile and a Post in the FREE Ad Forum can help you Finally Make Affiliate Sales... Check out this Video that shows Why Most People Don't Make Online Sales... But, this does Not have to be You! Setup a Social Niche Profile for your small Business (or church), and Start Inviting your Social Contacts to Join and View your Social Seed Profile.

A Few Advantages of Building an Affiliate-Bivocation Social Seed Profile for Business:

  • More Internet and Social Exposure- FREE Avertising that does not look like advertising
  • Niche Content (unique and useful information that solves specific problems or provides useful information for your Niche Market)
  • Backlinks and SEO (backlinks work like little Referrals to your business or church)
  • add Links to your Product or Service (links are Social Seeds of Success)



On this Social Network you can Choose your Niche Product or Affiliate Program and we will provide you with a "Money Making Social Profile" page:

  • Your own Unique Social Profile... with Blog, Pictures, Video, etc...
  • NO Cookie-Cutter Affiliate Page... Add Your Own Unique Content and Keywords to Advertise using your New Site and our Social Sharing Tools
  • Customizable with the Ability to Add List Building and Product Sales


  • Become a 'Gold Member' and get Complete Instructions for setup of your profile to become an 'Instant Online Biz' with your new "Seed Product".

Once you're setup, simply Invite people to View your profile and be your Friend...

Use your "Money Making" Profile to:

  • Build your own Social Network of Friends
  • Build your Marketing List
  • Build your Downline Network
  • Make Product Sales
  • Use Social Media for FREE Advertising
  • Use our FREE Advertising Forum to promote your Products
  • Plans for a Social Seed Network Affiliate Program are in production and will provide you with another Online Income Stream.

Our 'Gold Member' Social Seed Profile is an Easy Way for Beginners (or experienced Internet marketers) to Start Making Quick Money Right Away!


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to add to your "Money Making" Profile...


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Helping Christian Marketers Build and Promote an Honest Online Biz

Affiliate-Bivocation - Social Seed Biz Network

is A Social Media Membership Site for Sharing Internet & Affiliate Marketing 2nd Income Resources. Training, Tips, Tricks and Top Affiliate Programs (most are Free to Join) -
Where Christians and Honest Online Marketers Learn to Earn and share resources about Internet marketing as a 2nd Income or Full-Time Career (You don't have to be a Christian, but it Helps)
-Join Today & Learn to Earn?- Online and Affiliate Income is Perfect?for the?Funding of your Life,?or Your?Personal?and Professional?Ministries -

Psalm 37"...now am I old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread"

It's Easy and Fun - Tweet from your Profile - Design your own profile - Share Videos, blogs, pics, etc... -Top Free Affiliate Programs - Share your Tips, Tricks and Ideas -

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Twitter Marketing Secret & New Video Lessons are Posted - More Coming Soon... Free Advertising Methods for Web 2.0 Social Media (using facebook, twitter, etc...) see the "Lessons" page.

NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND... 97% of people are Program Hoppers (trying to find a program that actually is "Get Rich Quick", I do not consider them to be Serious, but you are Serious... Right?... We need Serious Internet and Affiliate Marketers! If you are Serious about Earning Money Online & willing to Work At It... We will Help you reach your dream. Email me or leave me a message here when you have questions ! (Be sure to Share yourself With, and Help, other members... Click on any Profile Picture, then click "Add" to request to become Friends with any of our other members)

"We best exhibit the Love of Christ by Bearing one another's Burdens"


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(tell them we sent you)

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Free Articles & Resources for Small Biz, Ministries and Affiliates

You can use your Social Seed Profile and built-in Blog for FREE Advertising. Along with our Forum and Groups... "You may also want to check out My NEW Free Safelist Ad Tool" - To Get Totally Free Advertising for your Products, Promotions and Offers


Free Resources for Newbie Affiliates & Small Home Biz


Unique Promotion Tool



Here are some Free articles with Solid Educational Information...

Learn more about staying focused and getting things done when you intend to and how these are just a few of the keys to success.


One of the hardest parts of starting a business is finding customers. Even with a unique product or services, it can be hard to convince other people that they should buy what you have to offer.

Having trouble finding your favorite photo? Learn how to easily organize years of memories and make them easy to share with all of your friends and family.

When Jay Greenstein, president of the R.A.G. New York retail chain, launched an online shopping site last year, he figured he'd have no trouble luring customers.


Add a Game Widget like this one to your 'Gold member' "Money Making" Profile and keep your Visitors Entertained... the longer they stay on your Site, the Better Your Chances for a Sale.

Twitter & Facebook Tools - Built In Social Seed Network Profile Tweets for Greater Exposure

see...A-B Social Seed Network on Facebook

Social Seed Network on Facebook

Promote Your Facebook Page Too - Become a Fan of mine and I will become a Fan of Yours (it helps all of us)



Twitter Tools

Use this Twitter Tool to Find your Twitter Niche Market-

Search for Keywords & KeyPhrases that you want to Target

Examples: "I Need", "I Want", "I Need Money", "How do I ____" etc... ---I already loaded it with #IWant---

Using this Twitter Search Tool is a Great way to find your Target Niche - Then Market and Advertise for FREE


If you Find any Really Good Twitter Tools or Services please submit them for me to add here... However, many services for Twitter tend to come and go... so let me know when there is a link to a service that is no longer working.

Social Oomph is a Great Marketing service for Twitter and FREE Advertising, but it takes some study (strong learning curve) to learn to use it effectively

TFollow is Another Really Good (not so well known) Service for Building a Twitter Following according to your Keywords and allows you to schedule Tweets


Use Your Social Seed Network Profile for Great and Fast Results in Building your Twitter Following

Use your Affiliate-Bivocation Profile page and Blog to Establish your Internet "Brand" (the more people know about you, the more willing they are to Buy what you are Selling) and use elements to add Advertising for your Product(s)... Invite people to your profile by sending them to www.Bivocation.spruz.com/YourUserName or Invite people to Join our site using the Invite Friends function. Remeber that you can...

Follow Me (ViralMethod)- Tweet Often from your Profile, but Only every 3 to 5 Twwets should be Marketing
You can also install a Twitter Widget on your Profile to view your followers Tweets, search Tweets, etc... many Widgets to choose from.
Gold Members learn How to Make Money with simple Tweets:
Twitter is a Great Resource for "Planting Seeds of Profit" - Gold Members learn to Strategically seed their Twitter posts with "Social Seeds" (links) to your Biz or Products along with learning the basics of building an Email Marketing List.
Extras, Freebies, News ( Free Trial Membership)
For Serious Marketers:

Protect Your Commissions... Build Your List... Instantly Profit...
Click here to get access to the ViralURL.com now!



Free Silver Membership -  (a $39.95 per month value) Now Free Membership includes:

  • Our Social Media Site
  • Free Advertising
  • Free Social Profile Page
  • Free Blog with your Profile
  • Tweet Directly from your Home Page
  • Free Lessons in Internet & Affiliate Marketing
  • Focusing on Web2.0 (Social Media) You can Build an entire Online Business using Only the Free Resources here at Affiliate-Bivocation
  • List of Top Affiliate Biz Opportunities
  • Exclusive access to Marketing Tips & Tricks
  • Chance to make Friends and rub elbows with other Pro Marketers

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New Dreams, New Directions
From Pastor Charlie's Desk:
Let me be Butally Honest with you...
I DON'T Want to Make You RICH....
I Want You to become WEALTHY!
(there is a Huge difference)... I cannot promise your Results, and I can Only provide some guidance and direction... It is up to You, and You Alone... To Build Godly Wealth!
Every marketers Online Earning Capacity can only be guaged by their willingness to Learn and Apply Honest and Legitimate Income Strategies.
Disclaimer: All Lessons and Content on this Site are provided As Is... There are No Guarantees or Implied Warranties as to the amount of money you can make with the Resources we provide... There are also third-party links on our site and although we have done our best to weed-out any Scams or Illegitimate offers, the burden of success lies squarely on the shoulders of those who are Willing to Learn and Work Hard in order to gain any Online Income... (current laws concerning Blogs and testimonies of exagerated income on websites are being watched closely by the FCC... always research all Online Offers, and always take the "unlikely" testimonies of Online Income Earned on other websites and blogs, with a grain of salt)


Formerly Affiliate-Bivocation, We have undergone a name change and a new site format which should allow greater freedom for me to help Small Biz, Church Ministries, and for all of us to combine our resources so that we may help each other reach our goals and realize our dreams.There is always greater success when two or more people agree on a goal with God's blessing.




Please make certain that any materials you cut and paste into your Sites are Not Copyrighted. Use only approved Affiliate marketing materials, or your own Unique Content.

(Search Engines Love Fresh, Unique Content)

This website is powered by Spruz